Why never below 10% ?


  • 10% is a minimum annual performance. This is the result of a daily work on financial markets mixing scalping, day trading and swing trading techniques with several products (see them here).

For example a mix of day trading and swing trading management applied on a $ 1 000 000 account may be managed as following :


  • 2 positions engaged on the Dax30 set to 0.2% of leverage which is equal to 1 position set to 0.4% of leverage = $ 4000 engaged for the day trading session (day trading management implies all the positions are closed just before closing of the markets at the latest). The daily balance sheet depends on the leverage use and the number of points earned on the Dax30 this day. So your trading account is growing slowly and safely.


  • 1 swing trading position engaged on the Gold with a 0.1 leverage ( $ 1000 are engaged) with a strategy based on technical analysis. This position will be closed when a technical signal will appear, a few days or a few weeks later. This way to work is supplementary to day trading and increase the global yearly performance without any risks.


A regular and quality trading leads to a such performance. Anthony Busière trading experience allow him to identify immediately the markets mood and to adapt some trading techniques in any circumstances: nervous or calm markets and even during a financial crack, he permanently knows how to operate to keep a positive balance.

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