Trading management without any risks


A good technical trading can only be obtained by applying several rules established only with the trader experience.

Patience and rigor are essentials and global statistics indicate that only 10% of individual traders manage to work positively.

Financial trading is not a game and requires a solid basic training that only the experience will sublimate over the time for those who have the right psychology for this very specific activity.

The leverage effect in financial trading is an crucial parameter. It represents directly the level of risk set by the trader.

That’s why Anthony Busière use a very low leverage : between 0.25 and 2.5.

To give you an idea, most of brokers offer you the possibility to use a maximum leverage of 20 to 500…

This important setting is not the only one to deploy a safe trading but it’s the most important.

Click HERE to see more about Anthony Busière and his trading book “Le guide complet du trading” (in French version only) which provides a good foundation of knowledge in financial trading. The leverage effect is well explained in the book and readers must obey to many rules to stay alive in the trading world…

See HERE more information about the safety applied by FMTAC.

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