FMTAC operation description


The following figure shows you how FMTAC operates.

The operation principle is easy to apprehend: Anthony Busière combines scalping, day trading and swing trading directly on your own trading account. Your trading account is opened with a regulated broker and a limited power of attorney contract is signed between you, the broker and Anthony Busière who will act as exclusive manager on your account.

Anthony Busière has access to your account trading tools but can’t get any access to wire transfer possibilities.

Furthermore, you have the full financial control of your trading account (deposit, withdrawal, statistics etc…) but can’t make any trading order.

Lastly, it’s the broker responsibility to proceed to the monthly or quaterly (at the client discretion) commission transfer.

This environment is totally secure for all types of investors. This framework is perfectly designed to collaborate with FMTAC with confidence.

The minimum expected yearly performance on your trading account (commission included) will never be below 10%. Mainly because Anthony Busière works on your trading account every day…

See more details about these aspects HERE.

See the following figure to well understand the FMTAC operation principle:


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